About Us

Our company is constructing all types of Yachts as certified, designing them according to the Customer's desire.

The construction of our Yachts are realized according to the Customer's desires, his/her demands and lifestyle; using the highest quality material and certified in International Standards.

Numerous Yachts have been constructed by our Company which has been founded in 1977. We use Epoxy PVC, Fiberglass (GRP), Epoxy Laminated Wood, Aluminium and Steel in construction of our Yachts.

Besides the Production & Assembling Shipyard in Tuzla Shipyard Area, Istanbul - Turkey, an additional factory for manufacturing of Small Fiberglas Yachts and Furniture & Equipment for larger Yachts has been established close to the Shipyard.

Mission & Vision


Ses Yachts will always implement Owner's satisfaction. Aiming to be leader in the industry with highest quality and finest details.

Working hard to achieve the desired design and building, until the result is satisfactory.


As Ses Yachts consider the Client has the first priority, will do its best to produce Client’s requests. Listen, Think, Create!